Latest version: Cafix 0.2.0 & Libcafix 0.1.1
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Welcome to cafix developpement page,
a program able letting you use your casio calculator interface under linux, I am basing my work upon what Göran Weinholt made.

The program is now available here
(the versions 0.1.0 and 0.1.1 are Göran's ones)
Here is the list of the main existing functions:

- remote control (modification of the original parameters)
- file transfer (a few bugs were removed)
- multi language support
- attempt to clean and make the sources clearer

Göran works on libcafix, a simple library used to communicate with CASIO graphic calculators. It's primarily used by cafix. Creating custom programs for communication with CASIO graphic calculators is relatively easy.
libcafix can also emulate the behaviour of an EA-100 device.

Since school started over, cafix development is going to be slowed down, do not hesitate to join the project by contacting me